Discover unique, sustainable creations that
celebrate individuality & bring the joy of colour to your life.
Our in-house textile designs reflect our fun and frivolous view of the world around us & are produced on high quality, certified organic fabrics. Exclusively made in Aotearoa, New Zealand, we’re passionate supporters of our local makers & the preservation of local industry.

Conscious, right from the start

You're a thoughful consumer? Well that's awesome, cos we're a thoughtful business! It's not easy, and it takes more research, effort & investment, but it is possible to be a responsible fashion & homewares business. If like us you care about the world we live in & the people in it, read on to find out about the Two + Lou way of doing things.

Hey colour-lover!

If you think fleeting trends & fast fashion are yesterdays news, then welcome aboard, you’re in the right place!

Like you, we're into writing our own style - and we're here to tell you its possible to be original & feel comfortable while shopping thoughtfully at the same time.

All our products are made with sustainably sourced, organic, natural fibres, making them breathable and comfortable so you can feel good on the inside and out.

Whether you’re a pattern-on-pattern kind of gal, or just like to wear a patterned top with jeans, you'll find our bold prints and vibrant colours get you lots of comments wherever you go.